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Online Interactive Campaign

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Understanding your need to engage your customers online, iGears Technology Limited proudly present to present you the following marketing tools for your online campaigns: Registration Form, Lucky Draw System, Competition Submitting System and Voting System.
Online Interactive Campaign
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Online Demo Back-end

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Below are what we have done for our clients. You can take a look on how our online interactive campaign did the work.

Enrollment Form/ RSVP Form

Online Interactive Campaign Online Interactive Campaign
Our enrollment form/ RSVP forms allow your customers to apply for your event. Through our back-end system, your customers' information can be easily managed and stored.

Lucky Draw

Online Interactive Campaign Online Interactive Campaign
Adding the element of lucky draw attracts your potential clients to subscribe to your newsletter and becomes your members. Their information can be exported for future use.


Online Interactive Campaign Online Interactive Campaign
Your customers can upload their pieces of works like photo or drawing to our back-end system. Then your judges can choose who is the winners. By joining the competitions, these customers is becoming more loyal to your brand and leave you a channel for future direct marketing.

Voting / Polling

Online Interactive Campaign Online Interactive Campaign
People loves to vote for their favorite. You can collect the customers information while building your brand.

Competition + Voting

Online Interactive Campaign Online Interactive Campaign
People can submit their work and let their friends vote for them. A combination of competition. voting and social network marketing can easily stir up the attention.


Online Interactive Campaign
Enrollment Form/ RSVP Form Lucky Draw Competition Voting/ Polling Competition + Voting
No. of questions  (Personal information) 10 20 20 20 20
Auto-email reply Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Back-end system to view the enrollment details Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
"Export to excel" function Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Limiting registration number   Yes Yes   Yes
Limiting registration time   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Duplication checking   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatically generate lucky draw code   Yes      
File Submission Function     Yes   Yes
Voting system       Yes Yes
Auto vote count       Yes Yes
support both single vote and multiple vote       Yes Yes
Choice limit of voting system N/A N/A N/A 30 50
Submitting size limit: N/A N/A 10MB/file N/A 10MB/file
Submitting number limit N/A N/A 1 File N/A 1 File
Free maintenance and hosting 2 months 2 months 2 months 2 months 2 months
Number of information page 0 1 1 1 4
Number of Languages 1 1 1 1 1
Site size limit: 1GB 1GB 5 GB 5 GB 10GB
HK$ 2800
HK$ 4000
HK$ 9800
HK$ 14000
HK$ 21000

All the design materials: logo, banner and photo are provided by client

Additional Options:
  1. Additional 1 information page: $800
  2. Additional 10 questions (personal information): $500
  3. Additional 1 file submission: $1000 (only applicable to competition)
  4. Additional 1 photo album: $3000
  5. Additonal 1 GB space: $20 / month
  6. Additional 1 month hosting and maintenance: $150-$300
  7. Additional languages: depends on packages
  8. Website Design: $6000-$10000
  9. Banner Design: $3000
  10. Integration with facebook
    - Access Approval: $8000
    - Invite Friends: $8000
    - Sharing (single page): $1000
    - Adding like button for fan page: $800
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